How to Fix Entry Point not Found Dll Errors


Entry Point not found dll Errors Repair

What is ‘Entry Point not found dll’ Error?

Entry Point not found dll errors are common in Windows PC. These errors indicate poor PC maintenance. An entry point is basically the memory address inside the dynamic link library. It contains the call being made.

A dynamic link library on the other hand is a collection of small programs which use and request this call to run and load programs successfully on your PC. However, when this process is unable to be executed successfully, you come across ‘entry point not found dll’ error messages.


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Error Causes

Generally speaking, some of the typical causes of ‘entry point not found dll’ errors are:

  • Missing, corrupted and damaged dll files
  • Registry overloaded with invalid entries
  • Disk fragmentation
  • Viral infection

It is advisable to resolve these ‘entry point not found dll’ errors on your PC immediately because dll errors can cause you great deal of inconvenience as you may be locked out and unable to access your desired programs.

Furthermore, if dll errors are left unresolved, such errors can expose your PC to serious threats like system failure, system damage, corruption and crash.

Further Information and Manual Repair

entry point not found dll error

Though ‘entry point not found dll’ errors are critical errors but the good news is that these can be easily resolved. To fix dll errors on your PC, you don’t always have to hire a professional technician or be a computer programmer yourself.

Here are some of the best DIY (do it yourself) ways to resolve ‘entry point not found dll’ errors on your system:

1. Reinstall the Deleted Program

This method to resolve ‘entry point not found dll’ error code is very basic. It is advisable to uninstall and then reinstall the deleted program to retrieve the missing or deleted dll files. Here’s why: dll files are shared files. There are multiple programs on your PC that may be using one type of dll file to load.

Now when you uninstall a program that you no more need on your PC, chances are that it may also delete that particular dll file. And when this happens the other programs supported by the deleted dll file are unable to load.

Therefore, in such an event the best way to retrieve the missing dll file is to uninstall the program that displays the errors message and then reinstall it. This will help you restore the missing dll file and run the program successfully.

2. Install an Antivirus and a Registry Cleaner

As mentioned above, ‘entry point not found dll’ errors indicates poor PC maintenance. If you don’t maintain your system, the registry overloads with bad and invalid entries, redundant and obsolete files, junk files and cookies. These files acquire a lot of space which damages dll files and the registry.

Furthermore, due to data volume overload and less storage space, files are then saved in different places.

This is also known as disk fragmentation. When these files are called, it takes a lot of time for the disk to consolidate fragmented data and execute the function successfully.

To resolve these issues, you need to clean and restore the registry. Though this can be done manually but it may be slightly complicated and time consuming therefore it is advisable to install and run a registry cleaner.

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In addition to this, due to poor PC maintenance, viruses and malware can also enter your system unknowingly through file downloads and phishing emails.

These can also damage dll files. To remove viruses and malware from your PC it is important to run an anti-virus. Instead of downloading both tools separately on your system, we recommend Total System Care.

This is a multi functional and an advanced PC fixer embedded with intuitive algorithm and a user-friendly interface. It includes multiple utilities including a powerful antivirus, a high functional registry cleaner and Active X controls and class scanner. It also functions as a system optimizer.

How to fix the entry point not found dll error

By running this software on your system, you can easily scan all registry issues and viruses simultaneously.

It repairs the damaged registry and dll files, removes unnecessary files and all types of malicious software. It is compatible with all Windows versions including Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista. It is easy to use and high on performance.

It is a one stop solution for all ‘entry point not found dll’ errors on your PC. In just a few clicks you can resolve system errors and optimize your PC performance dramatically.

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