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Below you can find our completely free articles on how to tackle and manually repair various Windows issues, problems, and errors.

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Chrome Roblox malware

Roblox is a very popular online game with millions of gamers playing it each day and as such it will […]
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Apple gaming is coming!!!

New Apple's upscaling technology called MetalFX will place iOS and macOS devices back into the gaming world. Apple had great […]
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Best games of 2022

Steam Autumn sale is still raging and other storefronts like EPIC and GOG have also had their go, and as […]
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Great gadgets for emergency blackout

Blackouts are one of the most annoying things that can happen in the modern age. We have all learned to […]
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Computers have made great progress from their infant days, systems have become more complex despite simpler user interfaces. More and more new software is released and hardware almost gets new products on a daily basis.

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Automated repair and maintenance software is designed for this purpose. From simple maintenance to complex tasks like keeping up your registry and drivers in top condition, we have it all.

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