How to Fix Bttray.exe Application Error


Repair Bttray.exe Application Error

Bttray.exe Application – What is it?

Bttray.exe is basically a Bluetooth Tray Application. Bluetooth Tray Application is developed by WIDCOMM.

It provides a system tray icon that allows users to see the status of your Bluetooth connections at a glance. It allows you to easily access to the configuration and settings for the Bluetooth products enabling you to change the configuration of the Bluetooth devices.

The bttray.exe application error may pop up on your computer screen due to some issue in the Bluetooth software. The process fails to initialize and therefore stops working.

Bttray.exe application error code is  displayed in the following format:

  • “BTTray.exe can’t initialize (0xc0150004).”
  • “BTTray.exe – System Error”

Though this is not a fatal or critical computer error but it is advisable to resolve it otherwise it will hamper your access to Bluetooth software and cause you great deal of inconvenience.


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Error Causes

Bttray.exe application error code may be triggered due to one of the reasons stated below:

  • Bttray.exe application is damaged
  • Bttray.exe is accidentally removed from your PC
  • The Bluetooth software or driver becomes problematic.
  • Some modules that run by the process are corrupt
  • Malware infection
  • Invalid registry entries

Further Information and Manual Repair

If you experience bttray.exe application error code on your system, it is recommended to fix it right away.

To resolve this error you don’t have to be a computer programmer or a technical whiz or have to hire a professional and spend hundreds of dollars in repair. It is easy to fix, simply follow the manual methods given below:

Method 1- Reinstall Bluetooth Software

If the Bluetooth Software is damaged or outdated, the bttray.exe will also not work. If this is the cause of the error code, then simply reinstall Bluetooth software on your system.

To do this, first uninstall the current software and then download the latest version of the Bluetooth Software on your PC. To uninstall click start, go to control panel and then programs. Now select Bluetooth software and click uninstall to remove it.

After that, install the latest version and update it. To activate changes

Method 2: Scan for Malware

Sometimes the bttray.exe application error code may pop up due to malware and viral infection. To fix it, download a powerful antivirus. Scan and remove malware to resolve.

Method 3: Clean Registry

The registry basically saves all the activities being performed on the PC including junk and obsolete files. If the registry is not clean frequently, unnecessary files like cookies, junk files, temporary files and internet history can take up a lot of space and cause the registry to damage.

Due to this error code like bttray.exe application can also pop up. To resolve, clean the registry. You can do it manually but that may be difficult and time consuming if you are not a computer programmer. However, a good alternative would be to download Total System Care.

How to fix Bttray.exe Application Error

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