How To Fix Error 504


Troubleshooting Error 504

Error 504 - What is it?

Error 504 is a type of a runtime error that occurs on Windows PC. A runtime error is a bug that causes software or hardware problems thereby preventing programs from working on your PC correctly.

This error may occur during the execution of the program.  It also slows down your PC performance.


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Error Causes

Error 504 can be triggered by many causes such as:

  • Incompatibility between 2 software programs
  • Malicious software
  • Missing Dll files
  • Registry issues

Further Information and Manual Repair

Whenever you experience the error 504 on your system, it is advisable to resolve it immediately, typically because runtime errors like error 504 can lead to system failure and valuable data loss which is more than often hard to recover.


To resolve this error code, you don’t necessarily have to hire a professional for the job. In fact, here are some solutions that you can try to fix it by yourself, even if you are not a computer programmer.

1. Get the latest updates for Windows and for the program showing the error

This is a quick way to resolve runtime error 504 on Windows PC. To update the latest updates for Windows and for the program causing the error, open Windows Update by going to the start menu.

In the search box type ‘update’ and then in the list of results click Windows Update.  In the left pane click on check for updates, wait while the Windows looks for the latest updates.

It will show you a list of updates available select the important updates that you want to install. Then click ok and then click install updates.

After the updates are successfully complete, restart your PC and try running the application. If the error still persists, then try the solution given below.

2. Scan For Malicious Software

Sometimes the runtime error 504 may occur due to viral infection and malware. So, to resolve it download an antivirus. However, antivirus can also slow down your PC performance.

3. Scan for Registry Issues

Another way to resolve it is to scan for registry issues. The registry and dll files get damaged when it overloads with too much data. This particularly includes irrelevant and obsolete files. Registry issues trigger runtime errors like 504.

The best way to resolve it is to download Total System Care. This is an advanced and a multi-functional PC Fixer embedded with multiple utilities like a registry cleaner, an antivirus and a system optimizer.

How to Fix error 504

The registry cleaning utility resolves registry issues by removing the unnecessary files completely and repairing the damaged dll files. The antivirus module scans and removes all kind of malicious software on your PC like viruses and Trojans, thereby resolving the runtime error 504 in seconds.

As for speed, Total System Care also functions as a system optimizer which boosts the performance of your system significantly.

Total System Care is safe and bug free software. It has simple navigation and a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to operate and work around. It is compatible with all Windows versions. So whether you use Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8, it is runs smoothly on all.

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