Quick Fix Guide for Error 1310


Repair Error 1310

What Is Error 1310?

Error 1310 is a fairly common type of error encountered by Windows users.

Error 1310 usually generates while a user is attempting to install Adobe Photoshop or some Adobe product on Windows. The message displayed to the user usually states: ‘Error 1310. Error writing to file. Verify you have access to that directory’. Once the error message appears, the installation process will be terminated.


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Error Causes

While there are different conditions that may trigger this error, most likely, they are generated because of the lack of privileges a user has on a Windows log on.

When this happens, the operating system doesn’t allow the user to access the installation files. Other reason Error 1310 may occur is because often users attempt to log on to the system and choose the ‘Only for me’ option rather than the recommended ‘Anyone who uses this computer’.

Because of this reason, the data is locked for all the other users.

Since Error 1310 can easily disrupt your work flow on the system and may also lead to annoying consequences, it is best advised to treat it as quickly as possible.

Further Information and Manual Repair

error 1310 repair

There are different solutions to resolve these errors that are briefly listed below as follows.

  • First and foremost, restart the installation by logging onto your computer from the administrator account. This error will most likely disappear because there are often it is the lack of privileges will trigger it. When you will log on from the admin account, you will have the access privileges and such errors will be rectified.
  • Fix any corrupt system files that exist on your system. If the file resides in the Windows directory, this error will be generated. Check if any of your system files are corrupt or damaged. If yes, make sure you repair and return them back to their original position.
  • This error is sometimes caused because of incorrect registry entries. If the setup program shows errors, it is possible that it is because the system is having problems retrieving data stored in system registry.
  • Another way, this error can be avoided is to run the setup in compatibility mode. Compatibility issues are a common occurrence.However, when an installation is performed in the compatibility mode, one can easily steer clear of such errors.

Implement any of the solutions listed above and protect your system against Error 1310.

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