How To Fix The “Referenced Memory At” Error Code


“Referenced Memory At” Error Code

Referenced Memory at - What is it?

0x Referenced Memory at 0x is an error code that occurs when the random memory addresses conflict.

This error causes running programs or browser to crash. Referenced memory at error code is considered as a service violation error. It is displayed as the following:

“The instruction at 0xf77041d24 referenced memory at 0×00000000. The memory could not be read.”


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Error Causes

The ‘referenced memory at’ errors are either triggered by:

  • Hardware failure
  • Problems with the RAM and the registry

Hardware failure may result if the driver is not installed properly. The problems in the RAM indicate registry issues that occur due to data overload in the hard disk and poor PC maintenance.

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The registry saves all the information and activities you perform on your system in the hard disk.

This includes the junk files, temporary files, invalid registry entries and files of both installed and uninstalled programs.  These files accumulate and take over a lot of RAM space.

Also, the referenced memory at error can be considered to be a form of memory leak where unknown third party software can take up the memory space that has been reserved for a particular program.

For example if you have tool bars and add-ons installed in your browser, it can also lead to invalid registry storage in the registry.

If you don’t clean the registry, these unnecessary files can overload your data and lead to hard disk/RAM damage and corruption triggering obscure error messages like referenced memory at error.

Further Information and Manual Repair

Referenced memory is a critical error; if not resolved it can lead to serious PC damages like system failure. To avoid this, it is advisable to fix it right away.

Here are a couple of ways to repair this issue on your system:

Cause: Hardware Failure

Solution: If the referenced memory at error is generated due to hardware failure then to resolve this error you must reinstall the driver that has caused the error to appear.

Let’s say if the error pops up because of the printer driver, reinstall it. For re-installation of the driver, simply go to the control panel and click on the Device Manager option.

Once you click it you will see a details pane with a list of devices.

Now click on the printer (the problematic driver in this situation) to reinstall the driver software. Double click on it to open the properties dialog box and then click driver tab and update the driver. Once you have updated the driver, try using the printer. Check if it works.

If it works and the referenced memory at error code does not appear on the screen, this means the problem was with the hardware. However, if the error still pops up then this means the problem is deeper. It’s related to the registry.

Cause: Problems with the RAM and the registry

Solution: If the problem is with the RAM and the registry, then it is advisable to download Total System Care.

Total System Care is a new, next generation and highly functional registry cleaner.

It detects and removes all the registry issues, unnecessary and obsolete files saved in the hard disk taking up a lot of RAM space. It clears the RAM and cleans up the disk.

How to fix the referenced memory at error

Furthermore it repairs the damaged files, fragmented disk and the corrupt registry in seconds enabling you to resume the program that you were running before the error occurred.

Total System Care has a user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

To run and operate this system you don’t need any kind of technical expertise. In just a few clicks you can resolve the critical referenced memory at error on your PC.

Besides this, Total System Care also includes features like a privacy error detector that functions like an antivirus, a system optimizer and Active X and class error module. You can download this repair tool on any Windows versions.

It is compatible with all including Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP.

Click here to download and install Total System Care on your PC and fix the referenced memory error code now.

How to Install Total System Care & Fix PC Errors (VIDEO)

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