How to Fix QTCF.dll Error


QTCF.dll Error – Easy Fix

What is QTCF.dll Error?

Sometimes you may experience QTCF.dll error on your computer either during installation or while upgrading applications like iTunes and QuickTime. This error indicates that the installation or the upgrading of the desired application was unsuccessful.

The QTCF.dll error is recognized by the Apple Support Community and they have provided a solution to fix this error easily.


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Error Causes

QTCF.dll error occurs because the computer overloads with too much data which corrupts and damages registry files. And therefore the desired program fails to download and start on your PC.

When this happens you see a pop up on your screen and the QTCF.dll error message that is usually displayed as:

  • QTCF.dll not found
  • QTCF.dll file is missing

Such message display hinders your ability to use iTunes or QuickTime applications on your PC. Furthermore, it also slows the performance of your system and you may encounter startup and shutdown problems.

Therefore, it is advisable to repair the problem and fix QTCF.dll error right away.

Further Information and Manual Repair

The good news is that you don’t need to go to a professional or be an IT expert in order to fix QTCF.dll error. Since this error means that the installation or the attempt to upgrade the system was unsuccessful therefore you need to reinstall the fresh copy of the application.

Fixing QTCF.dll Error

Here’s how you can easily fix the problem by yourself and install the fresh copy of the application:

Step 1: First close all the applications running on your computer.

Step 2: Now uninstall the application that you were trying to install such as iTunes or QuickTime.  To do this, go to the start menu, click on settings, control panel and programs. Now click on the application you want to remove.

Step 3: Once the application is uninstalled and removed from your computer, then restart it again.

Step 4: Now download a fresh version of the application (iTunes or QuickTime) from Apple’s official website

Step 5: Run the installer.

If reinstalling doesn’t work, then it is advisable to download the QTCF.dll repair tool. This repair tool will scan your PC for errors in seconds. Once the scanning is complete, click on the ‘fix all’ button to repair your computer.

Once the error is fixed, restart your computer and then try reinstalling the desired application one more time.

A Word of Advice

For regular PC users, it is advisable to install an anti-virus and malware scanner and run it every time you use your computer. This helps you keep informed about the viruses or errors that your computer might be exposed to.

And you can take timely actions before you experience file corruption and damage.

How to Fix Qtcf.dll (VIDEO)

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