Resolve Error Code 652

What is the Error Code 652?

Error code 652 is a runtime error. It hampers you from accessing and running your program on your system. If not resolved, it can also lead to program corruption.


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Error Causes

Runtime Error 652 can occur due to several causes. These include:

  • Conflict of color depth within icons, the desktop or a particular application in the Visual Basic environment.  This happens when the Image
  • List control consists of more colors than the depth of what Windows can support.

Other causes include:

  • Malicious software and malware attack
  • Conflict with Terminate
  • Invalid or corrupt registry

Further Information and Manual Repair

If you are not a computer programmer and don’t have any sound technical expertise, then you might think of hiring a professional to resolve the error on your PC. But this can be costly as you may have to pay hundreds of dollars to the technician.

However, an alternative way to resolve the error code 652 is to download the Total System Care. This PC repair tool is integrated with an intuitive registry cleaner and a powerful anti-virus. It is safe, efficient, user-friendly and available for free.

How to fix error code 652

Total System Care is a multi-functional error tool and a one stop solution to resolve practically all kinds of PC related problems. By running this repair tool, you can fix runtime error code 652 on your system in seconds.

Total System Care

What makes Total System Care a hot favorite among PC users is that it is simple and easy to use.

To operate this PC fixer, you don’t need to have sound technical knowledge or be adept at computer programming. It can be used by all level of PC users including beginners and intermediate.

It has a neat and a clean layout with simple instructions and navigation making it easy for users to resolve even the mightiest errors in just a few clicks.

Whether the underlying reason for the error code 652 is malicious software or registry corruption, Total System Care takes care of all. Registry corruption occurs due to unnecessary files and data overload in the hard disk. This includes junk files, internet history, invalid registry entries and bad registry keys.

as easy as total system care

The registry cleaner embedded in Total System Care intuitively detects and scans all registry issues.

It wipes and clears the hard disk from all the unnecessary and obsolete files and thus cleans up your disk space. It repairs the corrupt registry and also boosts your PC’s performance.

Thus it not only repairs the error code 652 but also resolves system slowdown issues by optimizing your system’s speed.

With the help of its in-built anti-virus, it removes all the malicious software on your system that could be triggering the error code 652.

Data security threats such as malicious software are detected and scanned and listed under the privacy error utility.

It is compatible with all Windows versions including both the latest and old versions such as Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and 8. You can run it to scan error code 652 on any Windows version you have installed on your computer.

Furthermore, as mentioned above Error Code 652 is safe to use. It is bug free and besides it offers users outstanding data safety. It has a backup file feature that helps you save and create backup copies of all the data you have on your system. This is carried for safety purposes.

It enables users to retrieve and recover data in case the data and files are lost during the repair thus sparing you from a big loss.

The error code 652 may be critical but it can be resolved in seconds with Total System Care. Here’s how:

  1. To get started click here to download and install Total System Care on your system
  2. Once installed, run it to scan for errors. It will take only a few seconds to scan your entire PC.
  3. Then simply create a backup and click on repair to resolve and resume your desired program.

For best results, it is advised to run Total System Care on the computer often. This will help you detect PC errors and repair them timely. It will help you ensure proper PC maintenance, health and performance.

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