Correct JavaScript Void 0 Error

JavaScript Void 0 Error – What is it?

JavaScript is a computer programming language used to make a website work smoothly with the internet. It helps to display visual effects, animations and other web page functions.

You may come across the JavaScript Void (0) error message when there is a problem in loading a JavaScript from a web page or the internet browser.


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Error Causes

JavaScript Void (0) error is triggered by multiple reasons such as:

  • It can be due to a simple random Windows application glitch.
  • You are visiting an unsafe website that contains malware
  • JavaScript’s web browser implementation  is broken due to poor program installation
  • Active X controls, Java applets and active scripting, the key components of JavaScript are disabled
  • Registry issues like invalid or mis-configured registry keys

Further Information and Manual Repair

For JavaScript Void (0) error free web surfing, it is advisable to repair the issue without any delays. Let’s take a look at different methods to resolve this error on your system.

Cause: Simple Random Glitch

Solution: If the cause for the JavaScript Void 0 error is a simple glitch, then it is advisable to restart your system and then run the program again.

Cause: JavaScript’s web browser implementation is broken

Solution: If you experience the JavaScript Void 0 error message after the installation of the new browser on your system, then it poor installation of the program or program conflict are most likely to be the deep rooted cause of this error code. To resolve it, uninstall the program and undo the recent changes.

Cause: Active X controls, Java applets and active scripting, the key components of JavaScript are disabled

Solution: You should know that components including Active X controls, Java applets and active scripting are all essential to JavaScript in order to make your browsers run properly. If these are disabled, you may come across the JavaScript Void (0).

To fix it open your browser and select Tools tab. Then click the options button and select content. Here check the ‘enable JavaScript’ check box and click Ok to enable these components.

Cause:  Registry Issues

Solution: If after performing all the solutions discussed above, you still come across JavaScript Void (0) error code, then you should know that the problem is bigger than what you expected. It triggers registry issues.

Either the cause of the error is mis-configured or invalid registry keys. To reconfigure the registry keys setting may be a challenging task and complex if you are not a computer programmer.

How to Fix JavaScript Void 0 Error

Nonetheless, the best way to resolve registry issues on your system and resume to smooth web browsing without experiencing JavaScript Void 0 Error code on your system is to download Total System Care.

It is advisable to repair registry issues causing JavaScript errors because error in Windows registry has the ability to dramatically slow down your system and cause serious damages such as system failure and fatal crash.

Total System Care is an advanced, cutting edge and a multi-functional Windows PC repair tool integrated with a powerful registry cleaner and other utilities like Active X and class scanner, system stability module and an anti virus that checks for privacy errors and removes malware, viruses and spyware from your system.

This tool comes with progressive system error detection utilities designed to offer users with ultimate system maintenance solutions and ensures you have an error free PC.

Registry errors are triggered due to data overload in the hard disk. And this data is usually unnecessary and obsolete files like temp files and junk files, uninstalled program files and invalid registries.

The registry cleaner helps clean this clutter and remove these files from the system while reconfiguring registry keys. Run it to scan for registry issues generating JavaScript Void 0 error in seconds and resolve them immediately.

Total System Care is also integrated with Active X and class scanning utility which is a great tool to scan for errors and disabled essential components of JavaScript on your system and resolve them.

It is safe, efficient and offers enhanced compatibility. It runs smoothly on all Windows versions including Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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