How to Fix R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call


Correct R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call

What is R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call Error?

R6025 pure virtual function call’ is a runtime error that occurs suddenly on the screen and disrupts the program being run prior to it. This error display indicates that the program has been corrupted. R6025 runtime error usually occurs with the Visual C++ framework.


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Error Causes

This error occurs when the C++ program crashes which is usually because of the malfunctioning or missing of the device driver or incomplete device driver files.

It happens because your application indirectly calls a pure virtual member function in a context where a call to the function is invalid. Most of the times, the compiler detects it and reports it as the error when building the application. R6025 error is usually detected at run time.

Further Information and Manual Repair

To fix R6025 pure virtual function call error, you need to find the call to the pure virtual function. After you find the call, you need to rewrite the code so that it is not called again.

There are 2 ways to do this:

Alternative 1

One way to fix R6025 pure virtual function call is to replace the function with an implementation that calls the Windows API function DebugBreak. The DebugBreak causes a hard coded breakpoint.

Once the code stops running at this breakpoint, it is easy for you to view the callstack. By viewing the callstack you can identify the place where the function was actually called.

Alternative 2

Another quick way to find a call to a pure virtual function to fix R6025 error is to set a breakpoint on the _purecall function that is usually found in PureVirt.c.

By breaking this function you can trace the problem occurring and rewrite the call to ensure the error does not occur and the program you are trying to develop on the Visual C++ framework is easily developed.

If R6025 Error is related to Windows Registry Problem Then here’s how you can fix the problem:

To fix the runtime error R6025, run registry cleaner software to scan and fix all errors.  This alternative is suitable if R6025 error is related to Windows registry problem and where the error has occurred due to corrupted or malicious registry entries.

You can download the registry cleaner repair tool for free. Run it to scan errors and then click the fix error button to repair the problem immediately.

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