How To Easily Fix Unresponsive Script


“Unresponsive Script” Error

What is Unresponsive Script?

This problem information is most frequent on Firefox, which is among the top browsers worldwide.

Firefox might show you these error with the information, “Warning: Unresponsive Script”. It is going to subsequently inform you that a software to the web page you’re trying to open is unresponsive, or has quit reacting.

This means that the script has ceased functioning and may freeze or hang Firefox if not immediately resolved. You can easily solve this problem.


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Error Causes

Before you can fix this error, you need to understand its primary cause.

The biggest risk is that if left unchecked, Unresponsive Scripts will hang your browser and to an extension your computer thus limiting your productivity. You may have to uninstall and re-install Firefox if the problem persists.

Listed here are several of the very most typical reasons for unresponsive script:

  • Programming Errors
  • Interference by other Softwares
  • Using an older outdated version of the program.

Further Information and Manual Repair

Most times, you have to do very little to fix this problem. Furthermore, a lot of the remedies supplied here do not require the assistance of a qualified professional technician. You can easily perform them and completely solve the error.

  • If you wish to stop the error, keep your browser and add-ons up to date.

It’s easy to update your browser and any add-ons there in. In most cases it’s free. By upgrading your browser and add-ons frequently, you are effectively eliminating the risk of Unresponsive Script occurring and interfering with your work.

unresponsive script

  • Check for a poorly functioning background process

The sorts of back ground procedures that might result in the Unresponsive Software error include Javascript code, media plugin, and browser extension.

You can stop the script from running while using Firefox thus eliminating the Unresponsive script error.

Shutting the dialog box is just another easy way of eliminating the unresponsive script error information. Firefox offers you two choices in case of this malfunction. Either “Continue” or “Stop Script”. Whatever alternative you pick, you can be certain the dialog box shuts, thus allowing you to continue browsing.


The final solution. Contact Firefox about these errors on your browser. Often times, these errors occur when you attempt to visit particular websites. Mark the offending websites’ urls and include them in your communications with Firefox.

Sometimes you can also contact the website owner yourself and request them to check their website’s code.

Following are additional measures you can take to resolve Unresponsive Script error.

  • Waiting longer for the error to resolve itself automatically
  • Blocking the offending script
  • Yanking the guilty add-ons
  • Disabling the hardware acceleration tool.

With one of these few steps, you won’t have to worry about the Unresponsive Script error, can continue enjoying your browsing activities on Firefox.

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