A Quick Guide to Resolving the Runtime Error R6025


Repair Runtime Error R6025

What is the Runtime Error R6025?

The runtime error R6025 can be quite annoying for PC users as it pops up randomly anytime. It is a type of a runtime error but typically associated with C++ programming. The error is displayed in the following format:

‘Runtime Error! Program: C:…R6025-Pure Virtual Function Call’


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Error Causes

The runtime error R6025 is triggered due to the following reasons:

  • Runtime components of Visual C++ libraries are missing
  • Microsoft.NET framework damaged
  • Registry corrupted with bad files and data overload
  • Virus and malware invasion

Further Information and Manual Repair

Try the solutions given below to repair the runtime error R6025 on your system:

Cause: Microsoft.NET framework damaged

Solution: If this is the underlying cause of the error, then it is advisable to reinstall and repair the Microsoft.NET framework on your PC.

To reinstall this framework, go to the start menu, click control panel, programs and then click ‘Turn Windows features on or off’. Here you might be promoted for an administrator password. Insert the password to proceed.

Now locate Microsoft.NET framework 3.5.1 and uncheck this box, press OK and then reboot your system. After that open ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ and check the Microsoft.NET framework 3.5.1 and then restart your PC. This will hopefully resolve the error.

Cause: Runtime components of Visual C++ libraries are missing

Solution: If runtime components of Visual C++ libraries are missing, then you will have to download and install these from different websites. This can be time consuming and slightly complicated for you if you are not technically sound.

Cause: Malware Attack

Solution: If the runtime error R6025 is triggered due to malware attack, then you will have to install and run a powerful antivirus on your PC. This will help detect and remove such malicious software affecting your system.

Cause: Registry Issues

Solution: If registry corruption is the underlying cause of the runtime error R6025 on your PC, then you need to clean up the registry and repair it. The best way to clean and repair the registry is to download Total System Care.

Total System Care is an advanced PC repair tool integrated with powerful and highly functional utilities all in one.

Utilities include a registry cleaner, an antivirus and a system optimizer. It has easy navigations, user-friendly interface and is compatible with all Windows versions including Vista, XP, Windows 7 and 8. Users of all levels can operate it to resolve all kinds of PC errors including the runtime error R6025.

How to fix runtime error r6025

The registry cleaner utility wipes out all the unnecessary, malicious, obsolete files and invalid entries overloading the RAM. It frees up the disk space, repairs the damaged files and the registry.

In addition to this it also has an in-built antivirus feature. This feature scans your PC for privacy errors and all malicious software like malware, adware, virus and spyware. Once you install this tool, you don’t need to install or run an antivirus separately.

Furthermore, Total System Care also functions as a system optimizer. It detects system instability issues and resolves them while boosting the speed of your PC.

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How to Install Total System Care & Fix PC Errors (VIDEO)

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