How to Fix the D3dx9_32.dll Error Code


Repair Code D3dx9_32.dll

D3dx9_32.dll Error - What is it?

D3dx9_32.dll is basically a type of dynamic link library used to load and run different programs on the PC. The D3dx9_32.dll error message pops on the screen when this file is unable to load successfully. The error message is displayed in either of the following formats on the computer screen:

“The file d3dx9_32.dll is missing”

“D3DX9_32.DLL is missing. Replace D3DX9_32.DLL and try again.”

“File d3dx9_32.dll not found”

“D3dx9_32.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this.”

“Missing component d3dx9_32.dll”

This error usually pops while using gaming software. The D3dx9_32.dll error is displayed after a game is loaded or before the game-play begins. However, it may also appear in software that use advanced graphic features.


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Error Causes

D3dx9_32.dll error may occur due to multiple causes. These include:

  • Problem related to Microsoft DirectX software. This software includes the D3dx9_32.dll file in its software collection.
  • Incompatible Video Card Drivers
  • Improper game installation
  • Dll File Corruption
  • Registry issues
  • Viral infection

Further Information and Manual Repair

d3dx9_32.dll error error code fix

To avoid inconvenience, it is advisable to fix the error right away. To resolve it you don’t need to be a technical whiz or hire a technician. Luckily, D3dx9_32.dll file error is quite easy to fix. Here are some of the best and effective DIY methods that you can try to remove the error:

Method 1 – Install the Latest Version of DirectX

Since D3dx9_32.dll error is related to DirectX software, it is advisable to make sure that you have the latest version of this software installed on your PC.

To install the updated version, simply go to Microsoft’s official website, download the software from there and install it on your PC. To activate changes, restart your computer.

Method 2 – Uninstall and the Re-install the Gaming Application

If the error still persists, then the reason for it could be the gaming application. Sometimes D3dx9_32.dll error may also occur due to poor program installation.

Therefore, in this case it is recommended that you first uninstall the program by going to the Add/remove program option. And once the program is uninstalled, try re-installing it on your PC. Hopefully, it will remove the error.

Method 3 – Restore the Damaged/Corrupt D3dx9_32.dll File

The error may also pop due to damaged or corrupt D3dx9_32.dll file. This indicated registry issues.

When the registry becomes overloaded with unnecessary and obsolete files, there is not enough space for other files to store. Due to the poor registry maintenance, system and dll files are often damaged. To restore the damaged D3dx9_32.dll file, you need to clean the registry first.

You can do this manually, but that will be quite time consuming and slightly technical.

Therefore, download a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner scans all registry related errors and removes them right away. It cleans the registry and restores the damaged dll files.

Method 4 – Scan for Viruses

If D3dx9_32.dll error is triggered by viruses, then it is advisable to scan your PC with an antivirus. It will scan and removes all viruses from your system.

Whether D3dx9_32.dll error is related to registry issues or viral infection, download Total System Care.

How to fix d3dx9_32.dll error

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The system optimizer feature ensures your PC works at its optimal level.

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