How to Repair Bad_Pool_Header Error


Fix Bad_Pool_Header Error

Bad_Pool_Header Error - What is it?

Bad_Pool_Header is one of the types of BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) error codes. This error triggers a problem with Windows memory allocation.

When this error message occurs, the screen turns blue and locks the user out of the application running on the system. The computer shuts down or restarts.


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Error Causes

There is no one particular cause for the occurrence of the Bad_Pool_Header error code. It may appear on your system due to multiple reasons such as:

  • Device driver issues
  • Cluttered disk
  • Disk writing issues
  • Faulty memory hardware

Driver issues and disk writing issues occur when your try to update new driver versions.

During this process, users often forget to remove the files of the uninstalled version from the registry. And due to the presence of the uninstalled driver files in the registry updating and disk writing becomes an uphill task which leads to the Bad_Pool_Header display on the computer screen.

The main database of your system is the registry so you need to keep it clean to avoid disk cluttering. The hard disk clutters because the registry saves all the activities that you perform your system. It saves the junk files, internet history, invalid entries and other unnecessary files.

This occupies a lot of your disk space thus resulting in disk cluttering and faulty memory hardware issues triggering the Bad_Pool_Header.

Ignoring the Bad_Pool_Header error is not wise. It is advisable to repair the Bad_Pool_Header right away as it can lead to serious threats like system failure and data loss.

Further Information and Manual Repair

The easiest, time and money saving way to resolve Bad_Pool_Header error on your system is to install Total System Care.

This is a high and a multi-functional repair tool that features a powerful inbuilt registry cleaner, anti-virus and a system optimizer. This tool is the one stop solution for all your PC related errors including the Bad_Pool_Header blue screen of death error.

How to fix the bad_pool_header error

Whether it’s a driver issue, faulty memory or cluttered disk, all the causes triggering Bad_Pool_Header error code fall under the registry which is why it is recommended to install Total System Care.

Its innovative and powerful registry cleaner scans, detects and repairs all the errors related to the registry in one go including the Bad_Pool_Header errors.

With this helper, you can easily remove all the unnecessary files cluttering your hard disk and damaging your registry. It wipes out clutter in seconds and frees up disk space.

Why Should You Clean The Registry?

Sometimes the registry also gets cluttered by malicious software like viruses, spyware and malware. These may also take up your disk space and prevent you to perform disk writing successfully and also corrupt the registry.

The privacy error finding utility embedded in Total System care helps you scan for such malicious software on your system and removes them immediately. It lends the software anti-virus properties.

When it comes to using repair tools, many users who are not technically sound often worry.

They think it may be difficult to operate. If you think the same way, let us tell you that Total System Care is very easy to use. It is integrated with a high-functional yet a user-friendly interface complemented by simple navigation.

Total System Care Special Features

This makes it simple for all level of users to operate it regardless of whether they are technically adept or not.

Total System Care is compatible with all Windows versions. This includes Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP to name a few. You can download it with ease and run it for scans on any Windows version you have installed on your system.

This PC Fixer also helps you create backup files before you start repairing. This is a safety feature. It helps users to save backup copies of the files to recover data in case users lose some data during system repair.

To get started, all you have to do is:

  • Click here to install Total System Care.
  • Once the installation is complete now run it to scan for errors like the Bad_Pool_Header
  • After that simply click on the ‘repair’ button to resolve

Bad Pool Header Error Repair (VIDEO)