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A Quick Guide to Fixing Ieframe dll Error

Troubleshoot Ieframe dll Error

What is the Ieframe dll Error?

Ieframe.dll is a Dynamic Link Library, a collection of small programs. It is stored in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\. The function of this dll file is to...

A 3 Step DIY Guide to Repairing Error 501

Fix Error 501

Error 501 – What is it?

This is an error code that sometimes may occur while you are using Internet Explorer on your Windows PC. The error message is displayed as:

How to Fix the Sysfader iexplore.exe Application Error

Sysfader iexplore.exe Application Error Repair

The Sysfader iexplore.exe Application Error – What is it?

To understand Sysfader iexplore.exe application error, first it is important to learn what is Sysfade.exe file.
Sysfader.exe is basically an IE...

Why ActiveX Control May Damage Your Personal Computer

Troubleshooting ActiveX Control

What Exactly Is ActiveX Control?

ActiveX Controls are plugins you may constantly come across when working with Internet Explorer. An illustration of these kinds of control is the MICROSOFT IE Flash...