No Audio Device Error – Fix Tricks


No Audio Device Error

What exactly is no audio device malfunction?

No sound device error is among the malfunctions that many Computer consumers run into. No sound or audio can be heard from the computer, when the error occurs.


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Error Causes

There are numerous elements that may be the basis of this malfunction. Corrupted or broken sound card drivers, incorrect Device Manager Options for example or even incorrect BIOS configurations.

Further Information and Manual Repair


How could you recover the standard production of audio by your personal computer and solve this malfunction?

Like a number of additional malfunctions, the method of the repair depends on its trigger. To properly solve this dilemma, you are required to run through evaluation of the pc system-so that you can pinpoint the cause. This is because there are numerous variables, which alone, or concurrently may trigger this dilemma.

These measures will allow you to work out the no sound device error in your personal computer programs, identify the trigger and fix it.

Follow the directions in step 1 if  your computer has an on board audio device installed in it and assess the BIOS settings. You can jump step 1 and move to step two, if you utilize separate sound card.

STEP #1 – Assess the BIOS options.

No sound device error can be caused by incorrect BIOS configurations in your Personal Computer. By fixing these settings if they are the cause of the malfunction, you can easily solve it. Make Sure you restart the pc and immediately access the BIOS options.

By locating the Sound card, that is usually known as the AC97 Audio, you should subsequently open the Integrated Peripherals. As Soon as you locate it, set it to Allow or Auto.

Finally, you should access the On Board Audio AC97 Control and set it to Allow or Auto as well. If it doesn’t solve the situation, proceed to Step Two.

STEP #2 – Analyze the Device Manager

No sound device malfunction can be additionally caused by malfunctions with the Device Manager.

To solve this issue, go to My Computer, right click it, select properties, click on Hardware tab, then click on Device Manager. At this windowpane, analyze the movie, audio and game controllers. If you learn that there is a cross on any of the sub things, right click it subsequently and set it to Enable.

The sound card driver may have not been correctly installed, or may be damaged, if there is Exclamatory Mark or Question Mark on the device manage menu.

This does not mean that the sound card driver is ok. It may have malfunctioned even though you do not locate anything unusual. This is because the Device manager doesn’t always recognize errors in audio hardware.

After this, you can proceed to step 3.

STEP #3 – Upgrade of reinstall the Sound Card Driver.

About 80% of “no sound system discovered/installed” malfunctions come from broken and/ or out-of-date card drivers. The sound card will not be detected by the Windows Operating System, when the audio card driver is corrupted, damaged or out-of-date and therefore no sound will be produced by your computer.

If this is the cause of the no sound device malfunction, you should reinstall the Audio Card Driver in your computer. Still, you can utilize driver upgrade applications on the web that will help you upgrade out-of-date drivers.

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