How to Enable ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer (Visual)


How to Enable ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer

In order to perform an authentic Windows validation, the ActiveX control needs to be installed. For various reasons, including security, ActiveX control might not be configured or assembled automatically. For that reason, ActiveX controls might need to be enabled or configured to ‘prompt’ in the Internet Explorer settings. Perform the visual operations below to enable or prompt ActiveX control in IE.

Step 1:

Select the Tool option shown in the image. The Tool option is located between the star and emoji face. After the Tool Menu is revealed, a list of options will be shown.

select the tool option

Step 2:

From the Tools Menu, select Internet Options. Selecting that option will display a box with various tabs to choose from. Among the listed tabs, choose Security. Use your mouse to scroll down and click the custom level button.

internet option

Step 3:

Scan through the Security Settings until you locate the ActiveX control and plug-ins options. That option provides all the details you need to enable ActiveX control. Notice on the list that each ActiveX control section provides a ‘disable’, ‘enable’ and ‘prompt’ option. Since we want to enable ActiveX control, go ahead and check the ‘enable’ box. Additionally, if you want to enable ActiveX control as you browse, check the ‘prompt‘ box across the board. After selecting your option of choice, hit OK and you’re done!

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