ErrorTools PC Repair

ErrorTools PC Repair

ErrorTools PC Repair is a new, advanced and multi-functional PC fixer. This PC repair tool offers a comprehensive suite of powerful utilities to resolve and repair multiple PC issues in seconds.

With this tool, you don’t have to install different types of repair tools to fix each issue on your PC separately. Error Tools PC Repair is a one stop solution fixing acting as an anti-malware, registry cleaner, privacy enforcer as well as boosting your PC stability.

Why Choose ErrorTools PC Repair?

Boost Speed & Performance

speed-and-perfomanceWhile your Computer is harmed by harmful documents, they will not be the only likely reasons for speed issues. Procedures that are unneeded might also slow your Computer down. ErrorTools PC Repair checks for and securely disables unwanted procedures and additional processes to enhance boot-up speed and ease while loading programs

Fix Registry Errors

fix-registry-errorsErrorTool’s PC Repair optimization core is on the registry. Various tests move deep to recognize and fix artifacts made by incorrect registry files which have ruined as a result of incorrect upgrades, malicious software, uninstalled applications, missing and invalid registry Keys and broken components including typefaces as well as techniques.

Enhance System Stability

enhance-system-stabilityBrowsers, your favorite programs and even Windows own programs develop errors over a period. This can not only trigger errors and crashes but also slows down your computer. The good news, these errors can be fixed. ErrorTools PC Repair tests and fixes stability issues e,g. missing or broken DLL errors, missing libraries etc hence stabilizing your system.

security-and-privacySecurity & Privacy

A chat with computer security experts today will reveal that malicious software has gotten worse over time. ErrorTools PC Repair deters malicious software from stealing your personal information. This is certainly an awesome addition to ErrorTools PC Repair’s malware removal and activeX errors.


ErrorTools PC Repair has a very simple user interface that allows users of all levels to work on this software with ease. It can be comfortably used by both novice and experienced users. It has a smooth interface and is easy to navigate.

With a few clicks, complex problems are easily resolved. It also offers wide compatibility with Windows 7, 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista. ErrorTools PC Repair has a neat and clean layout design which makes it easy and simple for users to use.

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ErrorTools PC Repair is the ultimate tool for PC repair, registry cleaning and Windows PC system optimization.