Technology has made life convenient for all of us. We do not always see the behind scenes of it, we just know it helps us get things done.

However, technology does not always work as hoped. Then we get to see its sometimes “ugly underbelly” in the form of errors alerting us to failures in the system.

At ErrorTools, we strive to tackle PC errors, especially on Windows machines, so that you don’t have to. We provide in depth guides, advice and solutions to the most common Windows errors.

We understand the Windows system internals and that gives us an advantage in crafting solutions and software that help you tackle problems effectively.

Our PC Error Repair guides are written in an easy and straightforward manner. We strive to ensure that you arrive at a conclusive fix by following some simple steps.

Our tools are designed with the average user in mind. We have removed the complicated from the programs so that you have an easy, clean and simple interface that allows you to quickly fix your computer without worrying about the technical side.

The tools provide an easy way to fix the common PC errors, rid your computer of malware as well as boost speed and stability.

We have taken it to the next level by creating multi functional tools that tackle different PC errors and problems on your computer. This way you don’t have to download or install multiple programs to tackle different problems.

Our tools provide a one-stop solution for your computer problems.

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