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Total System Care

The World’s Best Solution to Windows Slowdowns and Error Messages

Slow computers are the worst. Something as simple as checking your email becomes a 10 minutes chore, and you might as well go make breakfast while waiting for your computer to start up in the morning.

Well, thanks to Total System Care, a premier solution from Windows Error Support, slow PC problems can be a problem of the past. Total System Care aims to:

  • Reduce PC boot times
  • Enhance computer performance
  • Speed up program loading times
  • Backup and restore all files for maximum protection
  • Perform hundreds of other PC optimization tasks

Total System Care

Used by the pros

You could pay a computer technician hundreds of dollars to visit your home. But do you want to know a secret? Many of these technicians just use Total System Care or similar programs to fix your computer. These programs compress hours of manual labor down into just a few short minutes, which is why PC pros all over the world love Total System Care.

Instantly Improves PC Performance

Nobody should have to deal with the pain of a slow computer. Instead of silently suffering through these problems, Total System Care allows users to instantly improve PC performance. The software optimizes everything from hard drive performance to boot times. The improvements will be obvious everywhere you look.

Fixes Computer Errors

Along with speeding up every component of your PC, Windows Error Support has improved Total System Care, to fix errors throughout your system. From major errors and malware issues to those obscure error messages that sometimes pop up, your computer will be clean as a whistle by the time Total System Care is done with it.

Save a lot of money

You can pay hundreds of dollars for a suite of computer optimization programs. Or, you could call a local tech support company to send a technician over. But in each case, you’re out several hundred dollars with little to show for it. Total System Care costs just $30 and – to make the deal even sweeter – you own the software for life. Run it once a week and your tech repair cost savings will go through the roof!

What causes Windows problems?

Windows problems are caused by all sorts of different factors. Even computers owned by the most knowledgeable tech geek can slow down over time. Nobody is safe from PC slowdowns, and they can occur for all of the following reasons:

Excessive resource usage: Most computer slowdowns boil down to excessive resource usage. Your computer wants to use more power than it has. When the CPU and RAM limit is reached, your computer starts to lag and freeze. Excessive RAM and CPU usage, over time, is bad for a machine. It can lead to serious overheating problems and shortened hardware lifespans. You can check exactly how much RAM and CPU power your computer is using by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. If either usage number is over 25%, then you could have an excessive resource usage issue.

Junk files and clutter: Along with the CPU and RAM, computers rely heavily on the hard drive in order to perform everyday tasks. And when the hard drive is filled with clutter and junk files, it gets messy. Just like you have trouble finding stuff in a messy room, your computer has trouble finding the files it needs on a messy hard drive. Junk files and clutter take up space and reduce computer performance.

Viruses and malware: Out of all the causes listed above, this is the one that can cause the most serious damage. Today’s viruses and malware are incredibly complex. So complex, in fact, that they can infect your system and turn on your webcam and microphone without your antivirus software ever noticing. Sound scary? It is. Many viruses will steal system resources in order to perform nefarious tasks. They may be uploading illegal files to foreign servers, for example, or using your CPU power to crack encryptions. In any case, the vast majority of PC slowdowns and errors are caused by viruses and malware.

Registry problems: If you ask the average computer user what the Windows Registry is, you’ll most likely receive a blank stare. However, the Registry is one of the most important parts of your PC. Your computer depends heavily on the registry throughout the day in order to remember every change you’ve ever made to the system. The registry saves all personal preferences, program information, and more inside a massive database. Since there are hundreds of thousands of entries in the registry, the corruption of even 5% of these entries can have a devastating effect on PC performance.

Fixing Windows Problems

Don’t get discouraged by the PC problems we’ve listed above: they’re so common that the software industry has come up with a range of powerful solutions. And after years of being in the business and trying out many of the most popular programs, we’ve come to the conclusion that Total System Care is simply the best out there today.

Total system Care

Total System Care is the world’s best optimization for a number of reasons:

  • It performs hundreds of different tasks to optimize PC performance; it doesn’t just do one or two things
  • It goes to work instantly and scans can be completed within minutes
  • It can be used by anybody, regardless of their technical skill level
  • It’s 100% safe to use and will not damage the PC in any way
  • It can be reused over and over again on a weekly basis to ensure optimal PC performance
  • Way cheaper than paying for tech support or a professional PC maintenance person

Total System Care is the world’s most popular optimization software for a reason. Every day, computer users all over the world experience the benefits of faster machines thanks to the magic of Total System Care.

Total System Care takes only seconds to download and install. Once it’s been installed, users simply press ‘Scan’ to identify any problems that may exist on their system. At this point, Total System Care takes a close look at the Windows Registry as well as many other parts of the system. The program looks for any signs of corruption, viruses, or un-optimized files.

Total System Care identifies all of these problems and then lists them for the user. Once the user is ready to proceed with the optimization process, they can simply click ‘Fix All’ to instantly repair all of the problems that are listed. With just a few clicks, a computer can go from feeling like a near-useless antique to feeling like a brand new machine again.


In short, Total System Care helps users unlock the full potential of their computers. Instead of watching a computer’s performance slowly dwindle over time, you can make your computer perform like a brand new PC again with just a simple quick scan.